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Latest Update: For the First time in Rural India, villagers are enjoying 24 hours electricity from Solar Energy from an Ultra Low Cost Smart AC Solar Microgrid. To read more click here.....
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Naturetech Infra is a for-profit social enterprise in the business of supply of most innovative and cost effective clean energy services and products to people living in un-electrified villages with earnings level at the Base of the Economic Pyramid.

We are operating in the state of Uttar Pradesh. UP, the most populous state of India, is also at No. 1 position, when it comes to no. of households, who are still using kerosene as primary source of fuel for lighting. UP is home for 20.5 mn households, using kerosene for lighting, contributing to 26% of all-India figure of 77 mn un-electrified households. (Source: Census of India 2011)

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